Jewelry By Aimee Marie

Jewelry By Aimee Marie


Almost as soon as she could hold a pen, Aimee Marie began to sketch and create clothing designs and would dress up and conduct her own fashion shows at home. She took her design clues from the ever-changing fashions she was exposed to in fashion magazines, television, street attire, and most especially from her grandmother, Pierina, a world-famous dress designer from the 1930s. It was not long before the glitter of jewelry captured her eye, and she began, at first, to play with jewelry and soon thereafter alter the designs to suit her developing style and taste.

Her love of jewelry grew rapidly and began to consume her design interests. Although she earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in political science, she was continually drawn back into her love of jewelry design. Her ever-increasing sophistication combined with a natural gift for blending the timelessness of classical jewelry with current needs of customers brought about a redefining of her designs that resulted in jewelry that was relevant. This philosophy of jewelry creation continues to the present.


We would like to welcome you to the designs of Aimee Marie. In addition to her designs, she prides herself on her enjoyment of a personal interaction with each customer, getting to know and understand their unique needs and preferences. She provides a full array of services which include:

• A distinctive collection of vintage jewelry.
• Unique South Sea, Tahitian, fresh and salt water pearl designs.
• The use of antique jade and coral to create designs that are current.
• Redesigns to bring your older jewelry into designs that are current yet maintaining the timelessness of your pieces.
• Jewelry appraisal services.
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